AVL Solutions Planning and Design

AVL Solutions recognise that proficient planning and design is integral to the success of an audio visual and lighting project.

This initial consultation and development stage forms the foundation, enabling client and company to work together to establish ideas and implementation.

On board from the outset, we collaborate closely with customers or their appointed 

teams (such as architects, designers and surveyors) to determine project requirements and to facilitate suitable solutions.


Our technical specialists utilise their industry expertise to offer professional advice, support and recommendations ensuring you are provided with a scheme that meets your operational needs and budget.


We also appreciate that options are important when making a decision. As such, when devising designs, we illustrate various equipment set-ups and solutions in our drawings and schematics to enable clients to make an informed choice. All of our drawings are completed through CAD software to allow for easy integration with architects’ and contractors’ drawings.


As a customer focused company, you will benefit from sterling support every step of the way. From the initial planning and design phase right through to the handover, AVL Solutions have the knowledge and experience to capably coordinate and project manage the entire process for you.


To date we have devised and delivered technical schemes for a range of clients based within the corporate, hospitality, public and residential sectors. Project requirements have varied from public address audio systems to state-of-the-art lighting.


If you would like to contact AVL Solutions for more information about planning and design services or to discuss your project requirements, our team of specialists are always on hand to help. Get in touch via the online contact form or telephone us on 01792 844224 for a no obligation quote.